Frequently Asked Questions

A student can use this card as many times as possible. The management of the University of Calabar, led by Prof. Zana Akapgu understands the financial demands on parents and guardians of the University of Calabar students. Hence, the Result Scratch Card can be used as many times as possible in a session. This is most considerate on any user. The Scratch card can be used for both Semesters and for any number of times in a single session. Again, a student can use the card to view his previous result a year after the based year, beyond the second year; the scratch card details will be invalid
: Courses Registration for 2016/2017 is for all categories of freshly admitted students into 2016/2017. This means that, if a student got admission into the regular UME programme, Direct Entry (DE), Diploma, Pre Degree and Sandwich programme. The student is required to register for both first and second semester courses. The implications are: 1. This is to enable the lecturers to enter result, so that the students can view them, 2. This will allow the student get admission into the examination hall for 2016/2017 Second semester, and 3. Students who do not register courses of the current session may not be allowed to continue in second year. 4.Students who do not register and whose lecturers could not upload their results may not be allow to continue studies in the second year, as they have to repeat the year one courses to enable their lecturers to upload results before the proceed to year two (2). Meaning that, returning students of 2016/2017 into year 2, year 3, year 4, year 5 and others are not required to register for courses. They are only expected to get the scratch card and proceed to checking their results.
The University regulations on MINIMUM credit units per semester for all year 1, year 2, year 3 of four (4) year programmes is 14 credit unit; same holds for year 1, year 2, year 3 and year 4 of all Five (5) years programme. Same for all categories of Direct Entry (D/E) programmes. The University regulations on MAXIMUM credit units per semester for all year 1, year 2, year 3 of four (4) years programmes is 24 credit units; same holds for year 1, year 2, year 3 and year 4 of all Five (5) year programmes. But all categories of Direct Entry (D/E) programme have maximum of 26 credit units. All categories of final year have 28 credit units or 30 credit units on due application to the DVC (Acad), through the Head of Department.
Probation simply means, a student is asked to repeat the year such a student just finished. The reason for such repeat could be because of one of the conditions below or both.
(i). A student of any year must have failed within (10 to 15) credit units in first and second semesters, or from first semester/second semester only after the completion of a particular academic session.
(ii). A student’s GPA or CGPA is less than 1.5 after completing a session.
Note 1: Condition (i) overrides condition (ii). Meaning that, regardless of the GPA or CGPA, if a student fails within (10-15) credit units in any year, he/she will be asked to probate/or repeat the year.
Note 2: Probating or Repeating the year, the student is expected to register and seat for only his/her previously failed or dropped courses. He is not expected to take any newly introduced courses of the year he/she is repeating or any new level course.
Note 3: A student may be asked to withdraw or change programme, if after probation. He/she fails to attain a GPA/CGPA of 1.5
If a student has a withdraw remark. It means that the student has been advised by the University of Calabar management to stop studies. This is due to poor academic performance of the student. It simply means that the student has ceased to be a bonafide student of the University of Calabar. He/She can write JAMB again, for another course or the same course. Withdraw is based on two conditions, namely.
Condition (i): A student fails above 15 credit units. That is, from 16 failed credit units. This student will be asked to withdraw.
Condition (ii): A student’s GPA/CGPA is less than 1.00. This is irrespective of condition (i). Again, condition (i) does not depend on condition (ii). Both conditions are independent of each other. Meaning that any of the two can place a student on withdraw, or one of it can also place a student on withdraw. Please, take note.
“NR” simply means NO RESULT. This means that the lecturer(s) has/have not yet uploaded result for that course(s). With ‘NR’ on a particular course grade, the student should meet the course lecturer concern.
Yes, if someone else have your card and matriculation number, such a person can log in to view your own result but cannot view his or hers. Again, no one can use your card to view his/her own result.
All direct entry students are expected to spend 3 years for a four years programme and 4 years for a 5 years programme in the University of Calabar. Hence, their registration does not start at 2/4. Rather, their course registration starts at 100 levels, 200 levels and 300 levels for the direct entry of 4 years programme, and 100 level, 200 levels, 300 levels and 400 levels for the direct entry of 5 years programme. The First year of the Direct Entry student for courses registration is not 200 levels, rather 100 levels. Meaning that all D/E students while registering should select 100 level under direct entry course registration and also while checking result, select 100 level under direct entry platform. Please Direct Entry students, take note.